Emergency Calls for domestic violence, abuse, homicides and suicides are rising.

It's time the mobile tech world universally updates every Emergency Caller's UI.

When talking is not possible due to danger or a disability, built-in automatic protection tools safely help dial and communicate everyone's Emergency situation and location error-free, then the SOS vanishes.

A lifesaving UI for today's Emergency Callers is what FastFactsSOS provides manufactures.

Candy Miller, Public Safety 911 Director


Lisa C.

I stand against child abuse and domestic violence.

A bathroom or office door won’t keep an abuser from hearing anyone speaking to Emergency 911.

If someone threatens violence, I need to be able to silently tell First Responders what is happening as they listen in, without alerting the perpetrator to my actions.

I like that if I prerecord a phrase or sound with any SOS message, the device upon hearing those will dial and relay my situation to 911 and the SOS disappears - all without my touching anything.

If this SOS tech came standard on my phone it would give me, and so many others, greater personal safety and peace of mind.

Fern L.

I'm a Veteran with PTSD, 911 needs to know that.

When I hear fireworks or gun shots I really think I'm back in a war zone. My mobile phone should be able to tell Emergency dispatchers my location and that I have PTSD, so I might not be in my right mind if I heard those noises. This way my unusual reactions are explained.

Once someone held a gun to my head. As I was calmly telling him that I refused to beg for my life, someone else at the bar risked their life and called the Police for me.

This SOS protects both me and bystanders that call the Police, as reporting these days could get someone killed.


When every second counts, speech-free Emergency Caller dialing assistance with click and text responses, can make a life or death difference to billions.


Is your technology doing it’s best to protect, locate and help ALL your mobile users communicate fast in an Emergency today?

Rob T.

I was born deaf. I know how to TTY my Emergency, but most other people don't.

I read lips. Having an accessible speech-free Emergency Caller user experience allows me to call 911 just like everyone else does.

Tracing a shape to dial, then clicking and texting my Emergency situation while my screen highlights for me what is being read to the Emergency operator is really helpful.

Hopefully, this lifesaving update will be on my phone soon so when traveling in the USA or out of the country, my mobile Emergency Call will work the same, speaking quickly and clearly for me in the local dialect or language.

This universal type of SOS could help young people and older people report an Emergency situation in noisy places, where having a conversation is not easy or safe.

CEO Wendy Mandell Geller and Candy Miller present FastFactsSOS to the FCC

Emergency Callers need to be empowered with simply better user SOS interfaces on every mobile device. We explained to FCC Deputy Commissioners of Disabilities and of Public Safety how the "public-side" of public safety needed accessible dialing and communication safety updates made to the standard universal Emergency Caller screens that exist now.

Saving Emergency victims that can't share their location or provide situational awareness, while protecting the 61 million USA citizens with visible or invisible disabilities in their dangerous situations with an update to tech they already own, is the least expensive lifesaving measure mobile operating system providers can take.

This SOS patented tech makes calling Emergency universally approachable, safer and faster with less Emergency Call time consuming questions and conversations.

Every Emergency Caller UI must become:
real-life usable
accessible to all users
and safely privacy protected.

Multiple mobile device Emergency Caller dialing shortcuts and location services are being used right now, but dangerously these new methods vary by device operating system manufacturer, by model, by carrier and from town to town public safety departments.

Universal, accessible, simple Emergency Caller safety tools embedded to work the same way on all 3 billion active mobile devices is the best way to globally update the personal protection of users of all ages, races, sexes and abilities.

FastFactsSOS benefits everyone's individual safety,
whenever and wherever an Emergency happens.
Lifesaving tech is priceless to the people it protects.

SafeTracer's FastFactsSOS requires one easy manufacturers’ operating system update to help people dial, be found, and share preloaded medical facts, while ending the billions of dollars a year in First Responder lifesaving time wasted on the 1/3 of Emergency Calls that are butt dials, muffled sounds or hang-ups.

"Emergency dispatchers everywhere face the same stressful problems with mobile devices: butt dials, silent callers, hangups, locating every caller and receiving medical information. SafeTracer is the only global solution. Companies should not wait for a mandate to get on board."

Candy Miller stated at a closed door meeting with SafeTracer and a Top 4 Fortune 500 company.