SOS, Emergency & Suicide Hybrid Calls

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS introduces the world to Hybrid Calls. This disabled female's patented telecommunications modern mobile tech is designed to help safely save and protect everyone, equally, everywhere in any Emergency situation.

Using any mobile device globally, the Emergency Caller's tech should look and work exactly the same easy, error preventing, safe way for everyone.

Hybrid Calls have modern SOS built-in calling tools. This lifesaving and protective tech is accessible and inclusively designed to prevent user dialing and communication errors, equally protecting every mobile caller using your tech device or app.

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS' automated & interactive Emergency Caller Screens, need no explaining.

Billions of people cannot talk due to disabilities, language barriers, or proximity to danger. Emergency Services globally need the same facts from Emergency Callers. Hybrid Calls technology removes all caller communication barriers, while relying on mobile devices to take care of the dialing and fact sharing tasks for Emergency Callers automatically.

Hybrid calls Proprietary Features

Updated Emergency Caller features must easily help protect & save ALL mobile users everywhere.

On my recent call to 911 I was really freaked out and scared.

I couldn’t talk very well, because I was crying. 

I was trying to get unhysterical because I knew 911 couldn’t understand me.

Debra Ruh

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Listen to Debra Ruh, CEO of Ruh Global,
US Partner Of The Valuable 500
Co-Founder Of #AXSChat
& A Davos World Disability Inclusion Leader
describe her recent trouble communicating with 911

"Whether a person can or can not speak, hear, see or move to respond - should not matter when calling for Emergency help."

Wendy Mandell Geller

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS'
#DisabledCEO & Solutionist

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS’ patented trace a shape, simply prevents accidental and wrong number dialing errors, while activating everyone’s Emergency need for Ambulance, Police, Fire Rescue or a help Hotline to be automatically read to the answering Emergency Call Center.
Next the location, pertinent medical info and any text message – all are expediently read to Emergency Services in the local language – while being highlighted word by word on the caller’s screen, before any Emergency Call can end. 
For every Caller’s additional privacy and protection: the Emergency dispatcher’s voice can be muted as the captions show the Caller what is being said – and no log of the Emergency Call remains on the device once the call ends.

"Globally, SafeTracer FastFactsSOS' update enables ALL citizens:
public safety accessibility, inclusion and equality of safe protection on any Hotline or Emergency Call."

Worldwide Public Safety

Today mobile users’ safety and lives depend on their own device’s SOS functionality; and if the local answering Emergency Call Center has updated their technology.

Inclusive & Accessible SOS

Equal protection means providing the same lifesaving, easy to use, error preventing SOS tools on screen to every user, in every city, town and country. That is equality!

Updated Emergency Caller
Safer Communications

SOS Calls are answered globally, “Police, Ambulance or Fire Rescue?” For personal and public safety, everyone deserves easy tools to help answer silently now.
The same SOS for ALL ages, disabilities and neighborhoods. PROTECT & SAVE EVERYONE THE SAME WAY!

Where Errorless Inclusion, Equality,
Accessibility & SOS Safety Tech Meet

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS is an honored Founder of Global Alliance For Disaster Resource Acceleration, World Institute On Disability's call to action now for accelerating solutions for critical Emergency Needs.
Wendy Mandell Geller, SafeTracer's #DisabledCEO A Featured Guest & Weekly Inclusion Advocate On #AXSChat-Twitter's #1 Chat In Europe, #4 Globally Hosts: Neil Milliken, Debra Ruh & Antonio Santos
SafeTracer FastFactsSOS Is Europe's Emergency Number Association Advisor In The Areas Of Disability Accessibility, Inclusion, Equality & Fixing Today's SOS Caller Communication Issues

I am deaf. Having an accessible speech free Emergency Caller user experience allows me to call for Fire, Ambulance, Police or Hotline help – just like everyone else does.

Tracing a shape to dial, then clicking and texting my Emergency situation, while my screen captions for me what is being said by and read to the Emergency operator – would be a lifesaver to me and others that are deaf, aging or are temporarily hard of hearing.

Robert Telson

Lead Deaf Accessibility Advisor Of
SafeTracer FastFactsSOS

If you are in a loud place, or can not hear well, FastFactsSOS' captions and text to talk features are everyone's Emergency Call communication lifesavers!

Manufacturer Embedded AI Assistance, Captions & Text To Talk Tools Help All Users Communicate Their Emergency Situation


Built In Universal Errorless Protections Save
20% More Victims
& 20% More Lives


"30,000 deaths a year are victims of domestic violence & abuse." UN fact. Globally victims have increased during COVID, with no safe way to communicate.


Over 1 billion people with a disability according to, need a safe & usable Emergency SOS every time!

When seconds count, we expect our smartphone & wearable tech to automatically help save & protect us.

A bathroom or bedroom door will not keep an abuser from hearing their victim dialing and whispering to Emergency 911.

Violence, abuse and crime victims need to be able to silently dial and ask the Police to come to their location, then have all signs of the SOS call or text disappear. 

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS would give me great peace of mind if it was on my Android smartphone!

Lisa Cruz

Advocate for SafeTracer FastFactsSOS on smartphones & wearables globally as protection for domestic violence, child abuse & crime victims.

When danger is too close to make a sound... how can your tech help people communicate with Emergency & Hotline Help?

Next Generation Emergency Caller UI Updates must consider each SOS User's Safety & Usability

Prevent Emergency Butt Dials, Hang-Ups & Silent Calls That Today's Click, Squeeze & Slide User Interfaces Enable 39% Of The Time.

SafeTracer's Simple Trace A Shape Technology Confirms User's Intent Of Sending An Emergency SOS.

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS'
patented trace a complete shape to send an SOS - shown on a smartwatch.

No one wants to butt dial Emergency and have to answer questions; or better yet, have the police show-up these days unexpectedly because of an unintentionally sent SOS false alarm call.
Currently the standard default Emergency and SOS user interfaces enable problematic butt dials, silent calls, unknown caller hangups and abandoned calls an average 39% of the time according to the 2020 European Emergency Number Association study. 
SafeTracer solves these time wasting costly SOS issues with easy complete shapes to trace that can’t be clicked, squeezed or swiped by accident. All SOS unknown hangups stop too, as no call can end until the caller’s information is read to the answering dispatcher. 

Human-tech Emergency SOS errorless communication can mean the difference between life or death.

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS provides error preventing communication tools to protect ALL SOS users equally.

Today Apple’s SOS is “exactly where you squeeze the two buttons on your phone when you are trying to pull it out of your pocket. It’s a poor, poor, design.

They (112) then ring you back, so you are wasting their resources. This is a significant issue for Public Safety because you are taking the resources away from real Emergencies.

A different way of activating Emergency Contact seems like a very good idea.”

Neil Milliken

When we accidentally send an SOS due to poor tech design, it takes rescue time away from real Emergency Callers.

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Neil Milliken 

Co-Founder Of #AXSChat

Global Head Of Accessibility Atos

Board Of World Institute On Disability

Tells His SOS Problems SafeTracer Fixes

Safer Communities

3.36 Billion People Get Emergency & Hotline
Equal Protection & Equal Communication Safety Tools
ALL AT ONCE! No delays. No app. No downloads.

Emergency First Responder Dispatchers worldwide face the same stressful lifesaving problems with mobile devices: 

* Silent Callers 

* Hangups 

* Understanding Callers 

* Locating Every Caller

* Receiving Medical Information

* Those Annoying, Time Costing Accidental Calls & Hang Up Calls

SafeTracer FastFactSOS is the only global solution. Companies should not wait for a mandate to get on board.

Candy Miller

Chief Public Safety Advisor
SafeTracer FastFactsSOS

A Lifesaving Emergency Manufacturer's OS &
SOS App Technology Update Opportunity

SOS Equality

"Everyone deserves equal access to Emergency Services which is why solutions like SafeTracer FastFactsSOS are important to ensure that people who most need support can get it even if they cannot talk or text."

Increase Your Mobile Devices' Emergency Usability By 20% More Users & Make It 100% Interoperable Globally.

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"Always happy to discuss the valuable lifesaving benefits of SafeTracer FastFactSOS' patented simple Emergency Caller functionality and tools.
We ALL could use some extra protection and safety these days!"

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS puts multi communication safety tools on EVERY Emergency Caller's Screens.

Contact us to modernize your Mobile Emergency Caller & Suicide Caller user experiences. Ask for a demo, we are ready & happy to help save & protect ALL 3.6 billion mobile device users with the same lifesaving, errorless, user friendly technology in 2021 - SafeTracer FastFactsSOS.

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