When every second counts, SafeTracer FastFactsSOS' Emergency Caller dialing assistance with click, text & preloaded responses, can make a life or death difference to billions in our society.


Is your technology doing it’s best to equally protect, locate & help ALL your mobile users communicate error-free fast in an Emergency today?

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS equally protects each mobile device user:

every time,
and ends the 1/3 of SOS calls that are unintentional.

Interested in a 20% increase in your SOS technology user base?

From kids to grandmas, prepare ALL your tech users with super simple SOS safety tools on their Emergency and SOS caller screens to help save time rescuing lives, and safely protect victims that can't talk or even text.

People are scared. It's time to embed SafeTracer FastFactsSOS' Equal Protection tech into every mobile device's SOS safety features.

When Emergency Caller talking is not possible, or seems too dangerous, often times people remain silent or hang-up. Built-in simple SOS protection tools safely dial and communicate everyone's Emergency situation and location automatically to dispatchers, before any Emergency Call can end. After each Emergency Call or Text SOS does end, any evidence of the SOS vanishes from the device log, for further user safety..

Saving victims and protecting lives are our priorities, we can make them yours with our patented tech.

Candy Miller, FastFactsSOS' Public Safety Answering Point Advisor

Equally Protect All Emergency Callers!

SOS Communication Tools Help Everyone.

No Butt Dials
or Hang-Ups.

Every SOS Caller Is Located In Seconds!

SafeTracer's FastFactsSOS requires one easy manufacturers’ operating system update to help people dial, be found, and share preloaded medical facts, while ending the BILLIONS of dollars a year in First Responder lifesaving time wasted on the 1/3 of Emergency Calls that are butt dials, muffled sounds or hang-ups.

Lisa C

I'm advocating for global smartphone protection for domestic violence, child abuse and crime victims.

A bathroom or bedroom door won’t keep an abuser from hearing their victim dialing and whispering to Emergency 911. Violence, abuse and crime victims need to be able to silently dial and ask the Police to come to their location, then have all signs of the SOS call or text disappear.

Great peace of mind if it was on everyone's smartphone.

Fern L

I'm a Veteran with PTSD who experienced gun violence.

My mobile phone should tell Emergency call takers my location and that I have PTSD, so I might not be in my right mind if I heard gunshots or fireworks. This way my unusual reactions are explained.

Once a guy held a gun to my head at a bar. As I was calmly telling him that I would not beg for my life, a girl in there risked her life and called the Police.

This silent SOS will protect me, my daughter and bystanders, as calling the Police to report someone these days really can get you killed.

Rob T.

I was born deaf. I know how to TTY my Emergency, but most other people don't if they are in a noisy place or it isn't safe to talk.

I read lips. Having an accessible speech-free Emergency Caller user experience allows me to call 911 just like everyone else does.
Tracing a shape to dial, then clicking and texting my Emergency situation while my screen highlights for me what is being read to the Emergency operator is really helpful and lifesaving.

CEO Wendy Mandell Geller and Candy Miller present SafeTracer's Disability Inclusive Tech Benefits to the FCC Commissioners.

Emergency Callers need to be empowered with simply better, interoperable, user SOS interfaces on every mobile device. We explained to FCC Deputy Commissioners of Disabilities and of Public Safety how the Emergency Caller side of public safety needed accessible dialing and communication safety updates made to the standard universal Emergency Caller screens that exist now.

Saving every Emergency victim that can't share their location or provide any situational awareness is possible with this intellectual property. This is the least expensive, error reducing, accessible lifesaving Emergency Caller UI update mobile operating systems and apps can provide.


Be a hero to billions of people!! When your company is ready to SAVE & PROTECT ALL YOUR SOS & SUICIDE CALLERS EQUALLY, contact us. Together we can recreate Safer Communities Worldwide, using tech. Why not start now?

Contact Info:

Wendy Mandell Geller, SafeTracer CEO
160 Lugnut Lane, Mooreville, NC 28117