Imagine phone calls where speaking is optional;
and so is listening to annoying automated phone menus!

Hybrid Calls


Wendy Mandell Geller, a smiling bald woman wearing purple shaded glasses with heart earrings. Background is AI techie with examples of Hybrid Calls and SafeTracer's tech.

Hybrid Calls' Patentor
Wendy Geller
is modernizing calls with caller conversation controls to keep people calling.

Accessible telephone calls for CALLERS in all kinds of situations has arrived.

Patentor Geller is ready to help benefit billions of people with controls to converse in varied ways, by granting updated accessible telecommunications technology rights to companies to ensure that every caller can dial, “speak”, and answer safely – on every mobile call. 

"What's your emergency and location?"

silence, muffled sound

Automated attendants:
"Please listen to the following menu options..."

Callers often get confused by just listening.

Don't ignore THE PHONE CALLER ISSUES your users face:
...when using your product.
...when calling your company.
...when making an emergency or suicide hotline call.

1 Billion
People Have A Disability

On mobile phone calls does your company leave out the 466 million people that can’t hear? What about the millions of people that can’t speak, or prefer not to “talk” to respond?

1 %
Increase In Abuse In Many Communities

1/4 of women and 1/10 men experience partner violence that is difficult to report safely. This rate rose during COVID to about 50% for people marginalized by disabilities, citizenship status, race and gender.

1 %
Increase In suicide rate of kids ages 10-24

Since 2007 suicide rates  in children have escalated 60% according to the CDC. Lets insure that every Suicidal Caller can hear a calming voice while expressing themselves in their favored everyday way, which may or may not be talking.

Start excelling in your mobile telephony user experiences, don't exclude, INCLUDE EVERYONE.

1 %
Of Emergency Mobile Calls Are Accidental

This wastes billions of dollars on first responders  time and efforts following up on butt dials and unknown caller hangups. 

1 %
Of Younger Users Prefer Texting to Talking

The telephony sector needs to update caller interactive screens to empower all ages to communicate optimally, in all types of situations.

All 6.3 billion smartphone CALLER SCREENS
are inaccessible to users in certain situations.

With Hybrid Calls tech built-into your devices or sent via a link, your company will empower EVERY CALLER to easily dial, hear, comprehend and confirm answers securely, in varied ways.

Hybrid Calls' tech enables companies to build self explanatory mobile menus that let people speak, listen and answer in their favored tech ways on any call.

User Controlled Talking Shapes, Icons and Menu Responses

SSSHHH! Icon Mutes Other Callers

TexT To Talk Option

Highlighted Captions Of CoNversation

Visual Menu Of Automated Responses

Repeat what I last Said Icon

SOS Anywhere Button

Telecommunications solutions you can build for any market.

Does your company’s tech ignore the massive part of our population that prefers texting to talking? Or people that can’t talk to respond, can’t hear on a call, or have difficulty understanding just by listening?

Do customer’s get frustrated with having to listen to your menu choices at least once or twice to hopefully get to the right department (we all do this right?!?), and then repeating their information or problems over and over to your employees? 

Why not give callers your automated attendant’s information on their smartphone screens, together with a “Repeat What I Last Said” icon? Hybrid Calls tech thought of fixing all the things users hate about phone calls with a company, on an Emergency call, even that dreaded call with your ex. 


Keep your mobile device users calling:
one another, emergency services and your company.

This licensable tech benefits the future of telecommunications
everyone can use safely and enjoy equally.

World Leaders Share Use Cases For Hybrid Calls

Debra Ruh

CEO Of Ruh Global

US Valuable 500

Co-Founder AXSChat

“I mean everybody needs this obviously!”

Neil Milliken

Co-Founder AXSChat

Global Head of Accessibility Atos

Board Of World Institute On DisabilitY

“Everyone deserves equal access to their best means of communication on a phone call, which is why solutions like Hybrid Calls are important to ensure that people who most need support can get it, even if they cannot talk or text.”


Debra Ruh describes her recent trouble communicating on a mobile call and why everybody needs Hybrid Calls.

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Happy white female with silver and purple wavy hair, wearing brown rimmed glasses, and white earpieces.

Neil Milliken explains how he often accidentally sends an SOS due to poor tech design, which takes rescue time away from real Emergency Callers.

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White male with dark brown hair, a mustache with a thin beard strap, light brown glasses - in his office.

Candy Miller

Director Of Public Safety

Chief Public Safety Advisor Of Hybrid Call

Emergency First Responder Dispatchers worldwide face the same stressful lifesaving problems with mobile devices:

* Silent Callers

* Locating Every Caller

*Understanding Callers

* Receiving Medical Information

* Those Time Costing, Accidental Calls and  Hang-Ups

Hybrid Calls’ features are the only global solution. Companies should not wait for a mandate to get on board.

Lisa Cruz With Grandma Z

Advocate For SOS Hybrid Calls On Mobile Devices Globally As Necessary Protection For Victims

A bathroom or bedroom door will not keep an abuser or a burglar from hearing their victim whispering responses to Emergency 911’s questions.

Victims of all ages of domestic violence, child abuse and crimes, need to be able to discreetly dial and ask police to come to their location, then have all signs of the SOS mobile call or text disappear.

SOS Hybrid Calls would give me great peace of mind if the tech was on my Dominican Republic abuela’s and my U.S. Android smartphones!

Robert Telson

Lead Deaf Accessibility Advisor of Hybrid Calls

Male with blue eyes, silver tipped combed back black hair, brown eyebrows, white skin with a big smile.

I was born deaf. My billion people strong disability community has a spending power of $8 trillion dollars together with their friends and family according to the Global Economics Of Disability Report. 

Having an accessible speech free and hearing free mobile caller user experience with Hybrid Calls allows my disability community to call: not only the fire, ambulance, police and help hotlines – but any place for that matter – just like everyone else does every time.

My hearing Gen Z kids, my 95 year old dad, and anyone calling a friend, business or a hospital that wants to talk or listen using multiple senses, will benefit with Hybrid Calls.

Wendy Mandell Geller, Hybrid Calls CEO, is now introducing her disability inclusive utility patented technologies to software, telecom and operating systems companies for implementation.

SafeTracer - Talking Shapes

Intentionally trace a shape, trace part of a shape, or trace a hidden shape - to send or dial and read, what is programmed. Discretion and obfuscation for safety.

Talking Personal Fact Icons

Tap icons during calls to read any preloaded personal information, situational facts or your location for you clearly and/or privately.

Captions and Text To Talk

Who is talking is captioned and indicated, so muting the other person is now possible. Text responses are translated by region.

Program A Phrase or Sound To Transmit Data

Record a phrase or sound that when repeated by user, it transmits personal or situational data and/or a message to the user’s intended audience, openly or discreetly.

Errorless Confirmation and Intentional Dialer

By tracing a shape completely a user can intentionally: place an emergency or suicide hotline call and share their need for help; or confirm a payment is being made from their device.

The Tech Behind Customizable
Mobile Caller Screen Interactions

Customizable telecommunications screen updates started 6 years ago, after Wendy Mandell Geller discovered that clicking Emergency or SOS on your mobile device did not automatically dial 911 in the USA or 112 in Europe and give them your exact location - but rather you must say if you need police, fire or ambulance - then give details about your location every time. But considering that close to 40% of the mobile calls Emergency services answer globally are butt dials and unknown caller hangups, whenever a silent SOS is created, it has to be caller accident proof!

Working from home while fighting disabling autoimmune issues from chronic Lyme disease, Geller relentlessly investigated, tested and consulted with global advisors to learn the details about the tremendous difficulties people with hearing, speech, panic, sight and other disabilities face in communicating on mobile phone calls, especially Emergency calls.

Wendy's research concluded that not just on an Emergency call, but on every standard mobile call made to companies, friends and family - at least 1 billion users can benefit, at different times, from varied inclusive tech features on their caller screens. This means that empowering user listening and communicating in "their favored regular everyday ways" with Hybrid Calls will keep people calling one another, and your business too.
The universal mobile caller eminent needs of: simpler dialing, personally controlled private fact sharing technologies and disability inclusive communication tools - on mobile device caller screens are what Geller concentrated on updating. All three Geller inclusive technologies behind caller user interfaces are utility patented. Hybrid Calls is a combination of Geller's patents to license.

An SOS Anywhere Button Using Hybrid Calls Tech

Creating a panic button that can be placed anywhere on a device or clothing, that can not be clicked by accident, led to Geller's proprietary trace a shape or make a pre-recorded sound to dial and discreetly read to the other person on the call, any personal or situational facts, and then vanish off the device's memory logs.

This simple mobile telephony invention insures any victim in Emergency danger can dial and communicate error-free their need for ambulance, police or fire rescue, and quickly confirm their contact number and location with emergency services globally - without saying a word, in case they can't hear, can't talk or they don't want to talk.

Advantage over just a text to emergency services? First responder dispatchers: stop getting butt dials and unknown caller hang-ups, can always hear what is going on in the background and get their necessary facts upfront. While callers can: listen or read the captions, then talk when they want to, or text to talk - or even use their icons to talk for them.

When seconds count, we expect our smartphone & wearable tech to automatically help save & protect us.

Using any mobile device globally, the Emergency Caller's tech should look and work exactly the same easy, error preventing, safe way for everyone.

SOS Hybrid Calls have modern built-in calling tools. These lifesaving and protective features are accessible and inclusively designed to prevent users "butt dialing" and hanging up on Emergency 39% of the time* and eliminating any caller problems communicating - equally protecting every mobile caller using your tech device's SOS, Emergency or app.

Updated Emergency Caller features must easily help protect & save ALL mobile users everywhere.

Worldwide Public Safety

Today mobile users’ safety and lives depend on their own device’s SOS functionality; and if the local answering Emergency Call Center has updated their technology.

Inclusive & Accessible SOS

Equal protection means providing the same lifesaving, easy to use, error preventing SOS tools on screen to every user, in every city, town and country. That is equality!

Updated Emergency Caller
Safer Communications

SOS Calls are answered globally, “Police, Ambulance or Fire Rescue?” For personal and public safety, everyone deserves easy tools to help answer now.
Hybrid Calls' automated and interactive caller screens, need no explaining. Super user-friendly!

Where Caller Errorless Inclusion, Equality,
Accessibility & Safety Tech Meet

SafeTracer FastFactsSOS is an honored Founder of Global Alliance For Disaster Resource Acceleration, World Institute On Disability's call to action now for accelerating solutions for critical Emergency Needs.
Wendy Mandell Geller, Hybrid Calls' #DisabledCEO A Featured Guest and Weekly Inclusion Advocate On #AXSChat-Twitter's #1 Chat In Europe, #4 Globally Hosts: Neil Milliken, Debra Ruh & Antonio Santos
SafeTracer FastFactsSOS Is Europe's Emergency Number Association Advisor In The Areas Of Disability Accessibility, Inclusion, Equality and Fixing Today's SOS Caller Communication Issues.

Increase your mobile devices' caller usability with 20% more users. Make callers' tech to dial, talk, hear and respond - 100% universally accessible and simple with applied Hybrid Calls technologies.

Set A CEO Chat

"Always happy to discuss the valuable benefits of SafeTracer, FastFactSOS' and Hybrid Calls' patented simple emergency caller, and everyday caller functionality tools. We all can use some extra caring voices and protection these days. I look forward to helping companies make the world of telecommunications the best that it can be for every caller."


Hybrid Calls applied technologies put multi dialing and
communication tools on EVERY mobile caller’s interfaces.

License your company's next modern mobile caller user experiences with Hybrid Calls, and get everyone talking happily and safely again on the phone.

The telephone call is officially back in style, with Hybrid Calls sporting captions, mobile menus, privacy talking icons and danger protective tools. How can you succeed with these inclusive scalable telecommunications technologies? Let's make a Hybrid Calls inclusive plan together for your company - it's a useful and accessible telecommunications modernization update that everyone of your customers will appreciate!

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