"50% of calls to 911 from mobile devices are accidental."


Wendy Mandell Geller created a solution, SafeTracer.

911 technology on smart devices should automatically:

Updating devices with SafeTracer's patented trace a shape technology to send an Emergency Alert, solves the 240,000 times a day "user errors" dial 911.

A simple Shape To Trace, prevents misdials.

Public Safety Benefits

Universal & Simple

When people panic, they may not always remember what to do in an Emergency. SafeTracer enables people to contact 911 safely from a locked screen and even from social apps. Being super simple, self guiding and extremely user friendly is imperative for any Emergency technology on wireless devices.

Save More Lives

Candy Strezinski, NC Public Safety Answering Point Director explains:

“Emergency Dispatchers must answer every call, call back to verify the emergency if the caller hangs up, and, if the caller doesn’t answer, locate the device, then dispatch emergency units to investigate. The focus communities need is on real emergency calls, adding the trace a shape 911 technology on wireless devices can absolutely contribute to saving more lives.”

Why Trace A Shape?

It Is Easy!

This technology design significantly reduces the ‘human error clicks’ involved in misdials to 911, ensuring the caller intends to reach Emergency services by simply tracing a shape.

A Real Solution

TJ Kennedy, Past President Of FirstNet & Partner of Public Safety Network states:

“We need to reduce these accidental calls to 911 to free up dispatcher time for true emergencies, and SafeTracer offers a real solution to this critical problem.”