When every second counts, Emergency Caller dialing assistance with speech-free click & text responses, can make a life or death difference to billions of people.


Does your technology do the best it can to protect & locate ALL your mobile users in an Emergency?

Help Emergency Callers dial, communicate & be located in seconds.

Try clicking Emergency on any smartphone's unlock screen, it won't call Emergency. Instead, another manufacturer embedded screen opens with the words "Emergency call" over the top of a keypad, where you dial the Emergency number yourself, then click the green call button.

This Emergency call screen, provided today by manufacturers on every one of the 2.5 billion smartphones in the world, can be very confusing to users; especially since there are over one hundred different Emergency numbers worldwide. Let's update this Emergency call dialing screen to save users time and to prevent errors.

SafeTracer's IP provides manufacturers with a user friendly, simple shape for the caller to trace completely to dial Emergency anywhere fast.

Help First Responders gain millions of lifesaving hours & peace of mind by stopping misdials & hangups from mobile devices.

Globally 1/3 of Emergency calls are hangups & "butt dials" from mobile phones & watches. Updating the Emergency Caller keypad screen to one that no mobile user can click, swipe or tap by mistake, stops these costly Emergency misdial false alarms, saving First Responders millions of lifesaving hours. Also getting every caller’s Emergency phone number & GPS location clearly, in seconds, before any hangup, gives peace of mind.

"84 million 911 calls a year are by mistake in the USA. These calls are a huge waste of resources & increase the risk that legitimate 911 calls & First Responders will be delayed", according to FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly.

Today's standard Emergency caller screens need an inclusive design update with click & text responses that all mobile users expect.

When an Emergency happens, who knows their GPS location? Callers only screen choices now are to talk or end the call. All mobile users expect automated click & text responses on their screens, as no one really talks on the phone anymore. Manufacturers, an inclusive design ensures every person in an Emergency situation has the ability to use their mobile device's Emergency Caller screens to dial & self respond in seconds, with or without speaking.

Why? Because speaking isn't always possible or safe in an Emergency & First Responders still need help locating mobile callers worldwide.