When every second counts, it is inconceivable that over 230,000 times a day mobile devices are dialing 911 by mistake.


Does your technology do the best it can to get your mobile users connected safely to 911 error free?


Lead The Public's Device Updates For Next Generation 911


Prepare mobile users everywhere to be ready to send calls with location information, texts, photos and videos, all error free to 911, using the same SafeTracer trace a shape solution. Once the 911 alert is connected, the screen obfuscates to protect users and to prevent hang ups.


Create Safer Communities. Make All Devices Sending Emergency Alerts Error Proof

Saving More Lives is Invaluable!

And Save USA’s Public Safety Sector $1.26 Billion Dollars Every Year


Million 911 Misdials



Cost Per Misdial*



Billion Saved Annually


SafeTracer adds value to your
company portfolio.


The value of a safety product that is vertically marketable industry wide, leading the change to safer communities.