SafeTracer Lowers Today's Emergency Call Volume By 1/3 and Saves Lives

Automation To End Emergency "Butt Dials" and Read Emergency Dispatchers The Location and Preloaded Medical Facts of ALL Mobile Callers


When every second counts, Emergency Caller dialing assistance with speech-free click and text responses, can make a life or death difference to billions of people.


Does your technology do the best it can to protect and locate ALL your mobile users in an Emergency?

SafeTracer requires one easy manufacturers’ operating system update to help people dial, be found, and share preloaded medical facts, while ending the billions of dollars a year in First Responder lifesaving time wasted on false alarm Emergency Calls globally.

"Emergency dispatchers everywhere face the same stressful problems with mobile devices: butt dials, silent callers, hangups, locating every caller and receiving medical information. SafeTracer is the only global solution. Companies should not wait for a mandate to get on board."

Candy Strezenski, 911 Director NC stated at a closed door meeting with SafeTracer and a Top 5 Fortune 500 company.