When every second counts, Emergency Caller speech-free responses can make a life or death difference to billions of people.


Does your technology do the best it can to protect & locate ALL your mobile users in an Emergency?


Standardize & Universalize The Public Facing Side of 911 for ALL Mobile Users


As early as 2019, start protecting every mobile device user with SafeTracer’s tech-ready-now Universal SpeechFree911. Instantly usable & beneficial worldwide as a means of consciously connecting people with 911 (112, 000, 102 etc.) & capable of clearly communicating necessary facts, speech-free, to any Emergency Dispatcher,
no exceptions anywhere.

Let’s work together to make every smartphone & wearable Emergency accessible for ALL USERS now.


Create Safer Communities. Empower every user with a SpeechFree911, as there is a good chance it can save their life someday.

Making Emergency 911 accessible to all is invaluable!
Communication is a human right.

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Implementing SafeTracer's technology protects users & saves USA’s Public Safety sector $1.26 billion dollars a year by ending the 84 million accidental misdials and wrist-clicks 911 Dispatchers answer & follow up on. Since 2014, a total of $5 billion dollars & 16.8 million hours have been spent on these false alarm unintended 911 calls, this has to stop.


Million 911 Misdials



Cost Per Misdial*



Billion Saved Annually


SafeTracer adds value to your
company portfolio.

Nothing should delay or get in the way of any person expediently communicating their Emergency to 911.

Gain the value of a safety product that is vertically marketable as lifesaving in the public safety industry. Give your company the opportunity to lead the updating of personal Emergency protection for individual safety globally.