SafeTracer ends Emergency 911 "butt dials" and SOS unknown caller hangups.


Speech Free 911 automatically shares every Emergency Caller's SOS contact and GPS location in seconds. The Caller can then speak or use the silent text-to-speech tool.


When every second counts, Emergency Caller dialing assistance with speech-free click and text responses, can make a life or death difference to billions of people.


Does your technology do the best it can to protect and locate ALL your mobile users in an Emergency?

Who walks around knowing their exact GPS location when an Emergency strikes them?

Today's standard Emergency caller screens need a safety inclusive design update. SafeTracer added simple click and text to speech response options. Why? Because speaking isn't always possible or safe in an Emergency and First Responders still need help locating people calling from mobile devices, in the USA and worldwide.

An inclusive design on mobile devices ensures every person in an Emergency situation has the ability to use their Emergency Caller screens to dial, be located and self respond in seconds, verbally or silently.